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Trauma, Loss & Grief Counselling 

COUN6009 Trauma, Loss & Grief Counselling

Course Code: COUN6009 Course Title: trauma, loss & grief counselling University: Singapore University of Social Sciences Country: SG
Assessment Details: Assessment 1: PART A Written critique: Write a critical evaluation of TWO (2) contemporary theoretical approaches to grief counselling, in essay form. Select two approaches from the list below: 1. Narrative therapy 2. Meaning Reconstruction 3. Dual-Process Model 4. Beyond Gender 5. Expressive/Art Therapy 6. Infinity Model 7. Continuing Bonds ? Use relevant and up-to-date literature to explore and evaluate the theories which reflect current thinking in terms of the grieving process and counselling. ? Describe and explain how the theories apply to grief assessment and counselling practice. ? Include any potential advantages and disadvantages of each model when applied to the counselling situation ? Using the literature, include examples of support and criticism of each approach ? Please use a minimum of twelve (12) references Marking Rubric will be provided on Blackboard. Assessment 1 PART B Short Case Study (700 words) Examine the short case study provided and apply the TWO theoretical approaches you examined in Part A. Please address the following questions: 1. How would you assess the client’s grief using premises/concepts from both approaches? 2. Include one or two specific interventions from each approach and explain how you would integrate them into your work with the client. 3. Briefly describe one countertransference reaction you have to the client’s narrative. 4. Summarise with 4 dot points your plan for the next session Referencing All papers must be submitted with a bibliography and be formatted in American Psychological Association Style Guide 7th edition (APA) for in-text style.

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