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Strategy Spotlight – New Teacher Flyer


For this week’s assignment, you will showcase effective strategies for literacy, specifically vocabulary, that you use in your classroom. You will also think of strategies that you’ve read about this week that you’d like to share with a new teacher you know. You will create a flyer that showcases one or more vocabulary strategies that you feel would make a difference in how a new teacher teaches. 

Questions to guide your thinking include the following:

  • Why does this vocabulary strategy work well? 
  • Why do you suggest that they try this specific vocabulary strategy? 
  • What does the research say about using this vocabulary strategy? 
  • Give an example (or examples) of something positive that happened when you have used this strategy. 

In addressing these questions, make sure you use the readings you’ve had access to in this session. This strengthens your suggestion of using this strategy to a new teacher. 

Follow the steps below to complete this assignment:

  1. Create a new document of your choosing (Word, Google Docs, Open Office – anything that can be saved/exported to PDF format). 
  2. Create a flyer that showcases one or more vocabulary strategies that you feel would make a difference in how a new teacher teaches. Be creative with your flyer. You want it to grab the attention of a new teacher, and make it something they’ll want to read and use. You can create the flyer as a one-pager, a bi-fold, or tri-fold. 
  3. Be sure to use the rubric and always cite at least 3 of the professional readings directly to support your statements.
  4. Save your flyer as a PDF file with the naming convention StrategySpotlight_FirstNameLastName. If your name is Walter Payton, your document name would be StrategySpotlight_WalterPayton. 
  5. Upload and submit your saved document to the upload interface below.

Points Possible: 30


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