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School District – Nursing Specialists Help


Title Page

Introduction: This brief section will be an overview of the topic

Superintendent Jobs: This section will discuss what your local school district’s protocol is for conducting superintendent searches?

Pros & Cons: This section will discuss if your superintendent is a non-educator, what are the pros and cons and how have they played out? If he or she is a career educator, what are the pros and cons and how have they played out?

Mayoral Control: This section will discuss if mayoral control has been considered or adopted in your area, and, if so, how has it played out?

School Reform: This section will discuss how many districts across the nation are experimenting with a variety of school reform strategies. Which ones do local school leaders believe to be most effective? Have they tried to implement these reforms? If so, what has been the reception thus far?

ESSA Impact: This section will discuss how in terms of accountability and state oversight, what has changed for your local school districts as a result of the federal Every Student Succeeds Acts?


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