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RPs are expected to have at least two primary sources of clinical trials


RPs are expected to have at least two primary sources of clinical trials conducted and written by the authors and as many secondary and tertiary sources as are useful
Obesity among young U.S. children-this can reflect living in low-income families but needs to focus on the obesity in children
at least 2 primary journal articles (1 of which may be an abstract).
the etiology (cause) of the condition
the prognosis (outcome) of the condition
if you do not recommend the prescribed or suggested treatment, a comparison of the relative effectiveness of an alternate treatment that you do recommend.
evidence of the effectiveness of the prescribed or suggested treatment taken from primary source clinical trials, the treatment’s side effects and contraindications (conditions under which it should not be used), and drug interactions
a description of the condition and its symptoms
Need to cite at least two primary sources of clinical trials conducted and written by the authors and as many secondary and tertiary sources two primary resources (1 of which may be an abstract) and as many secondary sources as you need. In the text of your paper, cite the sources of your information and list the sources you cited in a “Literature Cited” section at the end of the paper.
For clarity of expression directed at a lay audience with no prior knowledge of the disease or of human biology. Emphasize numerical evidence and statistical significance. Deduce conclusions from the evidence indicating the specific lines of reasoning you employed
The paper need not go into the physiological mechanism of action of the treatment. Otherwise mode of action could take a considerable portion of the essay and preempt space that should be used for iteration of the evidence of effectiveness, contraindication, and the justification of your recommendation.

Your name, the date and assigment (RP1 or RP2) should be at the top of your paper. Format the paper single space using the APA (Author or Publisher Year) citation method for each source of information. Do not provide technical information without citation to the source. Citations below at the end of a sentence or paragraph with a period after the citation but not for the citation (author year).

PR paper must have the following:
Use one that clearly indicates what the paper is about, e.g. Pneumonia-Penicillin
Present your findings in a logical order. Always give evidence before conclusions, e.g.



Explain the proposed treatment, evaluate its effectiveness by presenting evidence (including numbers and statistics) from clinical trials in the primary medical literature and deducing conclusions directly from this evidence. For all recommented treatments indicate side effects, contraindictations, and for drug treatments, drug interactions.
Alternatives (optional):

Evaluate the relative effectiveness of various treatments based on evidence (including numbers and statistics) from the primary literature.

Point of View:

Assert YOUR conclusions regarding your findings in active voice. Make only conclusions based on data in your paper.


Define and explain all terms (diseases, treatments…).


Base all conclusions on clearly stated EVIDENCE. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use arguments based on the authority of authors, editors, or investigators. Your conclusions must be based strictly on numerical and statistical evidence derived from literature as opposed to the judgment of the people who wrote the literature. Never base recommendations on opinions not supported by evidence provided in the paper. Don’t forget to consider side effects, contraindications, and drug interactions where ever they are relevant.


Relative to what “control group” are you making comparative judgments? Make sure you make this clear in the paper.

I have Journal Article if needed.



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