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Roots of Health features three powerful stories filmed in London, England, Ahmedabad, India, and Oakland, California. Each story looks at the socio-economic conditions that contribute to illness, and how people can take charge of their own lives and health.” (Berkeley Media, 2019)

Students are to watch the documentary “Roots of Health” in its entirety. The film runs 53:51. After viewing the documentary, students are to write a reflective entry. Students may chose reflect on the entire documentary, or they may focus on one of the three locales (London, England; Ahmedabad, India; Oakland, CA). See below for some prompts to consider for your reflection. Please do not summarize what you watched. Do share your thoughts about the documentary.

  • How is this documentary similar to or different from other media you have seen, read, or heard on these types of issues in the community? I
  • In what ways did this documentary confirm or challenge beliefs or understandings you held?
  • What stood out as surprising or disturbing for you in the documentary?
  • Describe a moment or scene that affected you and why.
  • What questions / issues surfaced that you would like to learn more about?


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