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Role of nutrition & food labeling


Complete the nutritional questions for the individual as indicated below. Make sure to take into consideration her gender, age, allergies activity levels, and health conditions, as this will affect your answers. – 60-year-old female. – 210 pounds; 5’4? – Health conditions include osteoporosis, diabetes, and obesity. – Has an allergy to dairy products (lactose intolerant). – Relatively inactive. Only receives exercise by going up and down the stairs in her house.
Name: Student Number:
1. What is the recommended calorie intake for this individual to maintain her weight? (1 mark)
2. Due to her allergy, she does not consume her daily required amount of calcium which has led to her diagnosis of osteoporosis. Even though she takes a calcium supplement, her physician has recommended she consume more than half her recommended daily intake (RDI) in calcium through natural sources. a) What is her RDI for calcium? (1 mark) b) Indicate 3 natural sources of calcium that she can consume that does not interfere with her allergy. *Note: Your answer cannot discuss using a Lactaid supplement to prevent allergy KIN 170 Winter 2017 Andi Celine Martin, PhD(c) symptoms (1.5 marks). 3. Describe what can occur if she eats too many foods with a high glycemic index without properly regulating her blood sugar and injecting insulin (1,5 marks).
4. Explain the role of insulin in terms of the body’s use of glucose (5 marks).
4. Explain the role of insulin in terms of the body’s use of glucose (5 marks).
5. She enjoys foods with high sugar content and does not plan on giving those foods up. Explain what she can do to prevent what can occur in question 3 from happening in the future (4 marks).
6. Knowing she is inactive and she is overweight with osteoporosis, describe two types of light physical activity that she can participate in that will not increase her risk for bone fractures, etc. (2 marks).
7. What information is mandated and regulated by the Health Canada to be displayed on manufactured foods? Be sure to include specific details and at least 6 examples (3 marks).
8. What is the difference between health claims and nutrition claims? Provide two examples of nutrition claims and two examples of health claims that Health Canada allows on manufactured food products. You must be specific when providing your answers (6 marks).
Using one food label from your home, locate and complete the following questions below. Use proper units of measurement for your answers. Make sure you use a label that has some amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. You are also required to submit a photo of the food label showing the Nutrition Facts Table and the name of the product at the end of the assignment (20 marks).
1. Food product name: 2. Company/ producer/ distributor name: 3. Origin of manufacture: 4. Serving size: KIN 170 Winter 2017 Andi Celine Martin, PhD(c) 5. Total servings per container: 6. Kcal per serving (as indicated on the label): 7. Mg of sodium: 8. Grams of protein per serving: 9. Calculate actual kcal of protein per serving (4kcaVgm X gm

10. Grams of total fat per serving: 11. Calculate actual kcal of fat per serving (9kcallgm X gm of total fat): 12. Grams of carbohydrates per serving: 13. Calculate actual kcal of carbohydrates per serving (4kcallgm X gm CHO): 14. Calculate total calories per serving (fat kcal + CHO kcal + protein kcal):
Include a photo of the food label showing the Nutrition Facts Table and the name of the product below (if not included, 5 points will be deducted and you will have 24 hours to submit one for docked marks. After 24 hours, a grade of “0” will be given for Section 2).


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