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Rock Star Big Bad Bruce


Rock Star Big Bad Bruce

Paper instructions:
Project 1 October 13

Following a year long humanitarian trip to Another Country, Rock Star Big Bad Bruce , planned
to return to his home in the USA to announce his run for political office. Fans wanted to welcome Big Bad Bruce home by gathering at Baltimore Airport when he arrived and to express their support for his
candidacy. Baltimore Airport is a large international airport, which serves several major airlines
and has five concourses with numerous gates, parking lots and grassy knolls. The planned welcome home
gathering would involve about 200 enthusiastic fans and a 15 minute speech by Big Bad Bruce to the
group about his political views.
Baltimore Airport is owned and operated by the State of Maryland’s Department of
Transportation. One of the airport’s regulations, Section B, forbids “any gathering of more than 30
people anywhere in the airport unless travel related.” The stated purpose of Section B “is to avoid
congestion and to promote the smooth operation of the airport.” Violators of Section B are subject to
a fine up to $1,000 and/or incarceration of up to 6 months. Big Bad Bruce’s fans have requested permission to hold their welcome-home gathering in the
airport, but the airport has denied this request based solely upon Section B. Big Bad Bruce’s fans hire you to
file a lawsuit challenging Section. B in order to obtain access to the airport for the welcome-home
Discuss in detail the basis of any challenges to Section. B and evaluate the Big Bad Bruce’s fans’
chances for success.

Case Analysis Research Project

Write an extensive, comprehensive analysis of applicable court cases related to this area of law and how it applies to the set of facts.

The case analysis must be at least 8-10 pages in length (excluding title page, Bibliography, tables, appendices). The 8-10 page length is a suggested length; the paper may be much longer than 10 pages, if you think it is necessary to cover the issues. A paper must not be less than 8 pages, a paper that is less than 8 pages is unlikely to comprehensively cover the issues. Is there anything wrong with the statute?

Case Analysis Content Format:

The case analysis must include the following content:

Introduction: 1-2 paragraph introduction of the case analysis.

Case Brief: A complete case brief of the case to be analyzed, using the Case Brief format described in the conference.

Case Background: Discussion of background of case, including discussion of previously decided related cases using the actual court opinions of other legal cases, law

review journal articles, and other legal publication, articles as resources.

Analysis of Current Implications of Case: Discussion of how case decision is likely to affect current events and business law, using the actual court opinions of other legal cases, law review journal articles and legal publications as resources.

Analysis of Future Implications of Case: Discussion of how case decision is likely to affect/influence future business law and future court cases, using actual court opinions of other legal cases, law review journal articles and legal publications as resources. This is not to be your personal opinion.

Personal Opinion of Case: 1-5 paragraph discussion or your personal opinion of the case. Your opinions must be largely supported with legal rationale and legal principles, legal resources and other cases; it may not be only an emotional reaction.

Summary/Conclusion of Case: Discussion of summary, conclusions of case, excluding your personal opinion.

Bibliography: Properly formatted bibliography of at least 5 resources used in case analysis, in aIDition to the case citation. In other words, you are required to use a minimum of 5 legal resources + the case resource for a total of 6+ resources which must be cited in the Bibliography and body of the analysis.

Case Analysis Research Resources: The case analysis research project must include a minimum of 6 legal resources. Resources may be obtained through the Index to Legal Periodicals, LEXIS/NEXIS, and other UMUC Library databases, the Internet, the classroom Webliography websites and other methodologies for accessing information. Resources should be taken largely from law review journal articles, other legal publication articles relevant to the case topic, business journal articles relevant to the case subject, and case opinions. This is a legal case analysis so the resources need to be largely legal resources and very relevant, on-point business resources.

Newspapers (except The Wall Street Journal), textbooks, the class textbook and Wikipedia sites may not be used as resources in any section of the case analysis research project.

Refer to the UMUC Effective Writing Center and UMUC Library tutorials and examples regarding plagiarism and citations. You may access these resources via the Course Content conference in the classroom.


Case Analysis Evaluation Criteria: The case analysis will be evaluated according to the following standards:

An accurate and complete case brief; Logical integration of information to support the case analysis discussion;

Comprehensiveness/depth of research and analysis; Comprehensive, thorough analysis of case; Organizational consistency, orderly flow, relevancy, and effectiveness of sequential ideas and paragraphs to the case analysis;

Clarity of expression and presentation of ideas;

Grammatically correct construction and correct spelling and punctuation;

Timely submission of analysis on the designated due date;

Caliber, quality, and depth of research, judged in part according to the nature of the case subject matter and the bibliographic documentation

including, particularly, the use of articles from the Index to Legal Periodicals and its equivalents; Overall quality of resources used;

Adherence to the standards of formatting and documentation, including proper in-text citations and references using only APA (American Psychological Association) documentation style, or Kate Turabian documentation style(as assigned by instructor);

Proper court case citation format; Accuracy and comprehensiveness of citations;

Use of required minimum quantity of resources; Conformance with presentation format requirements; Overall quality of research and analysis.

Case Analysis Format: The paper must conform to the following presentation format:


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