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risk identification and management profile


risk identification and management profile
The writing should be easy to understand and simple grammar.
Please write 4-5 pages for each (1-4)case including risk matrix analysis
Please answer all question but do not answer questions related when, who, where,what, why and how.
Please choose either simple or complex risk matrix analysis from uploaded form page 5 ( write in 1 page for each case about simple or complex risk matrix analysis).
Question 5 ( cause effect matrix):
In this table ( For example people: nurse, doctor, pharmacist, patient).
( For example process: low policy identification, lack of communication, lack of time, instruction not clear, dosage not calculated well, dosage not written clear).
(For example cost:consume large amount of healthcare resources, patient will become high cost users, uncertain payment).
(For example Capability first columns: few new system will be designed, organize and operate the network, training course( for example second columns Capability: few new system will be designed, organize and operate the network, training course, staff training ,new process development and transfer).
(For example Performance: delay in healthcare services, bad impression, serious injury, staff under stress, medical staff neglect the patient).
(For example security : staff training, written protocol for discharge system).

case 1 Drug interaction: A woman is 62 years old with history of hypertension, atrial fibrillation and type 2 diabetic. She is Obese. her medications are aspirin 75 mg, propafenone 150 mg and simvastatin 40 mg and diltizem 180 mg daily. She is suffering from respiratory tract infection and her doctor has prescribed a course of clarithromycin for 5 days.
Comment: there is drug interaction between simvastatin and diltizem and between simvastatin and clarithromycin. so my advice to continue the treatment regimen but dose not exceed 40 mg of simvastatin therapy and choose other antibiotic to avoid muscle pain that might happening .
case 2 Drug interaction: a man with history of epilepsy and heavy smoking is admitted to hospital due to acute asthma attack. it was prescribed for him Phenytoin 300 mg and aminophylline 250 mg twice daily by IV infusion slowly.
Comments: plasma concentration of phenytoin may be increased and also clearance of theophylline may be increased. so it is better both monitoring both drugs to avoid some cases.
Case 3 Overdose adverse effects. older patient with severe renal impairment, high cholesterol levels and acute gout flares has prescribed rosuvastation 40 mg, 0.6 mg colchicine.
Comments both drugs increase effects each others by synergism and is not recommended to give high dose rosuvastation with end renal stage.
Case 4 Overdose adverse effects: older patient with type 2 diabetic was prescribed metformin 4 grams daily and Serum PH Level was 5.3.
Comment: lactic acidosis appearance as the prolong usage of this agent and the doctor do not have the desire to add other therapy to manage the high glucose levels.


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