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resume cover letter and thank you letter 2


Resume Guidelines



I.focus on past employment and duties and accomplishments

ii..most recruiters favor this type of style


i. focus on skills learned in college rather than past employment

Ii.this type of resume is good for college students

Iii.should include a short selection on employment


i.Focus on both skills and job history

ii.Also good for recent college graduates


  1. One page

i.Student should try to have no more than one page

3.Main Heading

i.Name ,physical address,telephone number and email address should appear at the top of the resume and in boldface at 14 to 16 point font size

ii. Name should be first name and then last name

iii.Students can use either home or CSU email


i.Should be tailored to fit the job you are applying for

ii.Rest of Resume should support the objective


i.Name and location

ii.Degree with major

iii.Graduation Date


d.Employment History

Need a cover letter and a thank you letter

Information about me:Current a licensed practical nurse ,work an a senior living, experiences as LPN 3 years

Administering medications

Charting medical records

Taking vital signs

Change wound dressings

Collecting specimens such as blood and urine

Inserting and caring for urinary catheters

Caring for patients with ventilators and tracheostomy tubes

Provide feedings through nasogastric or gastrostomy tubes

Monitoring patients

Knowing when to call appropriate physicians

Performing emergency CPR

Executing a nursing care plan

Safely transfer patient in and out of bed and chair

Maintain accurate documentation


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