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response to peer dq two


**** please response to discussion question below add citations and references 🙂 ****

Response one : For most of the population, our bone mass stops increasing around the age of 30. Having low bone mass is also called osteopenia. This is a warning sign that bone loss has started. Risk factors for osteoporosis include family history, early menopause, inadequate calcium or Vitamin D synthesis, smoking, also being physically inactive and, certain medications and small body frames.

Managing and restore a patient to optimal conditions can include lifting weights, walking, hiking, climbing stairs and even dancing can help prevent weakened bones. “Foods that are rich in calcium and Vitamin D are also important” (NIA, 2019). However; if a person has already lost a substantial amount of bone mass, then these interventions will not help. “Medication like Alendronate (Fosamax), Risedronate (Actonel), Ibandronate (Boniva), Zoledronic acid (Reclast) will need to be taken and, they can either slow the bone loss or rebuild it” (“What medications help treat osteoporosis?”, 2017).

Nurses need to educate patients about bone mineral density tests; to help track their disease. Fall prevention should be educated to prevent broken bones. Items like non-skid/ non-slip shoes, cane and walker use. Patients should also be told to “avoid activities that involve twisting your spine or bending forward from the waist, such as sit-ups, toe touches or swinging a golf club” (NIA, 2019). Mental and emotional health should also be a priority. Often times a diagnosis of this caliber can lead to depression, anxiety, and self-isolation. “ Nurses are instrumental in providing psychosocial support for individuals with osteoporosis. For many, this is yet another chronic condition that they are faced with, leading to anxiety regarding the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis” (“The role of nurses in osteoporosis”, 2006).


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