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Scholars have carried out numerous studies on various aspects socioeconomic status. Shavers (2007) paid attention to the factors influencing the development of socioeconomic status. The findings derived the study indicated that education, income and occupation are the main factors influencing the development of social status. However, the previous studies rarely highlight the most influential factor in the development of social status. Some studies have found that socioeconomic status can change if one or more of the influential variables change. Although Mazur, Malkowska-Szkutnik & Tabak (2014) focused on a slightly different topic, their study indicated that socioeconomic statuses of families can change. However, the existing studies on the issue mainly focus on socioeconomic statuses of families and communities, rather than individuals. Also, the studies rarely investigate how the changes in individuals’ socioeconomic status can affect the bias that other people may have about them.

Other researchers, such as Palardy (2008), have focused on the impact of socioeconomic status on people in different social classes. However, studies are rare investigating the social class that is more afflicted by socioeconomic status. There are also numerous studies examining the impact of socioeconomic status on quality of life of individuals of different ages. For instance Huguet, Kaplan and Feeny (2008) conducted a study on the same topic that focused only on the elderly people. However, studies are limited investigating whether socioeconomic status changes based on age. Although some scholars such as Javed, Khilji & Mujahid (2008) have investigated the extent to which education influences socioeconomic status, existing studies have produced mixed results. As such, the area requires more research. The research will aim to bridge the identified gaps through focusing on the aforementioned five issues that have not been adequately aIDressed.


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