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Research Paper Project University of Maryland-Health Care Administration By Professor Arthur Reynolds


Instructions Guidelines for Research Paper Project University of Maryland-Health Care Administration By Professor Arthur Reynolds The following guidance is directed towards the successful completion of your course research paper requirement. Please adhere to these directions closely. Note that the usual rules of academic integrity and written excellence apply vigorously. Please select either ONE (but only ONE) of the following items. For whichever item you select, prepare a well-crafted double-spaced typed paper of roughly 6-8 pages in length, exclusive of any tables, etc.I do not reward verbosity!! I. Locate the organizational chart of any state (or Canadian Province) health department. Select an agency with comprehensive jurisdiction over the health care quality and services of its citizens. (The Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene is a good example.) For the agency you have selected, briefly discuss the following: 1. How is the agency organized to accomplish its statutory objectives? (You will have to ascertain what they are!) Do you consider the organizational optimal, merely adequate or effective or neither? 2. What are the primary sources of this agencys budget? 3. What are this agencys principal budgetary outlays and expenditures? 4. How are services for the poor aIDressed, if at all? 5. How does this agency seek to balance the competing interests of health care providers and the public? Are elected officials prominent in the agencys administration? II. Identify a pending piece of legislation (i.e. a bill) at either the Congressional or state legislative arena directly impacting health care policy and/or the delivery or management of health care services. (Thus, existing Federal or state legislation isexcluded!!)You may select any state within the USA or a Canadian Province. For the bill you have selected, briefly aIDress the following: 1. Who are the bills principal sponsors in both the legislature/Congress and within the health care community? 2. What are the ostensible objectives of the legislation? 3. Are there any hiIDen agendas or objectives to the proposed law? (Hint: You will need to locate some debate on the merits of the bill to flush out the issues!) 4. Who primarily benefits from the proposed law? Are any interests adversely impacted, at least theoretically? 5. How would this bill reform, alter or modify the manner in which health care services are financed, organized or delivered? What impact do the bills proponents hope to achieve? Is this bill a major change in health care policy? Good luck with either project. Remember to avoid lengthy recitations of fact and DO get to the heart of the matter you are discussing.


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