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Research paper

You will write a paper to compare the analysis of the data in your two papers.  Your paper must include:
a description of each research project,
the proposed question, the data collection process,
the statistical methods used to analyze the data and the conclusions. You should also include an explanation of the rational for choosing the statistical methods used

based on the question being asked. You may also present other ideas for using the data.

Articles to be used:

Knowledge of and Adherence to Health Advice among Adults with Diabetes in Libya

Non-adherence to health care advice and medicals has been prevalent in the contemporary times. This notion prompted the need to undertake this research with the main

objective being to establish the knowledge of people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and subsequently establish factors that foster adherence to treatment and how to

effectively manage the condition.  To collect the required data, the researchers employed the use of cross sectional survey design to collect facts from adults with

type1 and type2 diabetes. Form the results retrieved from the research; it is evident that the illiterate people have very poor knowledge on matters relating to health

care advice and medicals in diabetes. It was also discovered that women are the most not cognizant with the knowledge. Two educational programmes were recommended to

combat illiteracy and lack of information regarding type1 and type2 diabetes; in the first programme professionals are to teach the patients, and the second programme

requires the government to introduce health education to everyone.

Trends and Disparities in Heart Disease Mortality among American Indians/Alaska Natives, 1990-2009.

The main objective of this article was to deduce death rates that occur subsequent to heart diseases among the Alaska natives and the American Indians. To achieve the

objective of this research, data from the Indian Health Service (IHS) were merged with that of National Death Index for 1990 to 2009. The data collected clearly

established that death prevalence subsequent to heart disease among the American Indians was higher compared to whites. The data collected also established that some

parts were more affected with heart disease than others. To help reduce the rates of deaths caused by heart disease among the Alaska natives and the American Indians

education was perceived as essential alongside the adoption of helpful and effective prevention measures.


Elkharam, W. M., Khatri, R., Wallymahmed, A. H., Gee, I. L., & Elhisadi, T. (2013).

Knowledge of and Adherence to Health Advice among Adults with Diabetes in Libya. Ibnosina Journal of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, 5(3), 140-147.

Veazie, M., Ayala, C., Schieb, L., Dai, S., Henderson, J. A., & Cho, P. (2014). Trends and

Disparities in Heart Disease Mortality Among American Indians/Alaska Natives, 1990–2009. American journal of public health, 104(S3), S359-S367.


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