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Research Paper Assignment

The purpose of a research paper is that you explore a topic, learn something new about it (perhaps challenge your own ideas), and then present those new ideas in a paper.
In this paper, you will explore and build on a topic similar to the topic of your narrative and/or 6 paragraph essay. But this time the topic will be more broad.
This paper will answer the same question that you answered for the 6 paragraph essay, which means that you have the scaffolding and my comments to help you to improve. Now, you will expand its focus and aID research.
Here is the question:
What is the cultural significance of the food/meal that you have written about, and how does that relate to your culture? End your paper by relating this to your narrative by answering this question: How is this food and what you’ve discovered about it reflected in/by your family?
You may find your topic by asking yourself the following questions:
1. What is the food about which I have been writing?
2. Is there enough research to do a paper about that specific food? (origins, manners, etc)
3. If yes, then what would I like to know about this food? Its origins? History? Cultural meaning? How it has changed over the years?

If there is not enough information, then continue with the next two questions.
4. Expand your food idea: what kind of category does it fall into? For example, is it Southern? Italian? Northern?
5. What would the reader like to know more about this category? This could be its origins, the cuisine of that region, how it has changed over the years, the manners of that region, the traditions around that food and how these traditions developed, etc.

Here is are some examples:
• One student who is German wrote about German beers and how they developed over the years. Then she related it to her family and why they choose the beers they drink.
• Another student wrote about goulash, where it came from, how it developed from the ingredients available, and what it means to the culture.

• Another student wrote about soul food and how it developed from the food given to the slaves.

You will then make a statement about your topic (thesis) and write your essay using research to support and inform what you say.
Why are we using the same topic?
First, you are already knowledgeable about the topic because you’ve written about it.
Second, in your writing, you may have come across some ideas that you’d like to explore.
Can I choose a different kind of food/cuisine to research? As long as you check with me before the research/sources are due.
Research Idea: You may do some family research such as interviews. You might find recipe cards or notes to which you refer. However, you must also meet the research requirements.
Paper Stipulations:
o MLA format
o 3+ typed pages (that is 3 FULL pages, all the way to the bottom)
o More than 5 paragraphs
o A correctly written and formatted Works Cited page No quotes over 4 lines Only 6 short quotes per paper
o Must use a mix of paraphrases, summaries and quotes.
o You may use 1st person but not 2nd person
o You may not use “I think” or “I believe.”

Source Guidelines
o You must use 3 sources.
o You may use one Personal Interview as a source. Follow the guidelines in the textbook:
o Type up a formal copy of the interview,
o Submit it at the end of the paper after the Works Cited page
o Cite it in MLA format in the Works Cited page.
o The person you interview must be credible. In this case, a family member such as a grandparent is an example of a good source.
o You may use one book as a source if you would like.
o At least one source, but possibly all, must be found through GPC library resources: GIL, Galileo, EBSCO, etc.
o After you’ve me the above requirement, sources may come from Google Scholar of the URL must end in .edu or .gov

o Your sources must each be a minimum of 3 pages in length; your sources must be actual book chapters, full essays, or full magazine articles. Book reviews, small blurbs, or short how-to lists are not acceptable sources. You should expect to do a fair amount of reading in order to find interesting sources.

6 paragraph essay

The rice thief

There are many kinds of traditional foods which has made each country more interesting from foreigners around the world. They are usually derived from ancestors through many generations from parents to their children, and it has loved by people of their country for a long period of time. I believe traditional foods give people their unique identity and sets apart from other people around the world.   As I have talked about on my narrative essay, my grandfather’s steamed crabs are sentimental to me and it is a special food that’s only made in my country. It is not only a special food to me, but it has been special to all Koreans for many special reasons because it has very special nicked and has long historical story. It also has a very unique taste, and it is consider as a healthy food. When it is prepared on a special occasion, it brightens the dinner table for any Korean family.
Rice is usually a food that is not eaten by itself. It is usually eaten with other dishes or it is stir fried with other meats and vegetables. It is because of its plain taste and it always goes well with other dishes. Korean people usually eat plain rice for every meal. For each meal, they eat it with many several side dishes and a main dish. When the main dish is really good, there isn’t enough rice to go around. The phrase “rice thief” is nicknamed for steam crabs because with its salty taste people gravitate towards rice which upsets the salty taste with its plain taste. Most importantly, it is very delicious. For example, people eat two or three bowls when eating steamed crabs. I’m not sure how that’s exactly possible but it can’t be explained even by a nutritionist. Also, everyone uses their hands to eat them.
Here is a funny history, Long times ago, Korea had class society between nobility and slavery. At that time, nobility used to consider person’s character when judging people. The character was judged by how they act, present themselves, how they walk and how they eat. For example, nobility had never ran to anywhere even there’s a fire. But, when they are eating steamed crabs, they didn’t care about a single thing. Even nobilities go wild on steamed crabs getting food all over their clothing and eating really fast like there was something chasing them. That is why government had made a rule which has to follow some funny role when they eat crabs. That is “do not eat the rice off of a crab’s body shell”. People used to eat off of a shell without setting the dining table and getting the rice bowl out because they couldn’t wait until they get their hands on them.
Korea is a peninsula. It is surrounded by ocean. So, there is plenty of seafood to go around. Therefore, seafood has developed for hundreds of years with many varieties of to prepare them. Crab belongs to salted food. Salting food is used to ferment fresh crabs. Then, it is marinated in soy sauce. Crabs have derived before 1600s. It is belonged to a very high quality food even till now. They were given to the gods and ancestors because it was a very precious food. That is why it is often prepared for the king’s dinner. Nowadays, whenever people have gatherings on a special occasion, people make steamed crabs.
It is not easy to explain the taste of steamed crabs. There isn’t that much vocabulary in the dictionary to explain them. People get aIDicted by the unique and its special taste. It belongs to the hardest food to prepare because most of important for its taste is to make the best soy sauce. The soy sauce gets all of the sea taste out from the crabs. My grandfathers come from north. So, his food making style is more north. Even though, Korea is a small country, north and south part of Korea has a different style of making the same food. That is why my grandfather crabs are more unique than other people. That makes for getting is special taste.
Moreover, there is no need of taking vitamins and medications for a healthy life and longevity because steamed crabs contain many good nutrients and proved to be one of the healthy foods. That is why people and even patients like them. Also, it does not contain any fat that is why it prevents the adult disease and makes the blood vessels more strengthening. That is why it is perfect food for both nutrients and health.


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