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Research on personality disorders in DSM-IV-TR.


Research on personality disorders in DSM-IV-TR.
Study the essential features of various personality disorders.
(1).Choose a character from literature, a movie, television, or theater, who, based on your assessment, would qualify for a personality disorder diagnosis?
(2).Describe the character in adequate detail so that the reader knows who you are discussing and provides a sense of the character’s disorder?
(3).Identify the Axis II personality disorder diagnosis that you think is appropriate for this character?
(4)Specify, describe three clear examples, associated with the central features of DSM-IV-TR’s  10 personality disorders and explain exactly how your nominee manifests the necessary symptoms of the given personality disorder.?
(5).Comment briefly on possible causal factors, including those mentioned in the literature, movie, television program, or play?Support your Assignment with references and resources used in its preparation.



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