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Research in health management in Abu dhabi falcon hospital


Research in health management. in Abu dhabi falcon hospital

This regarding my research in health management.
I trying to make research in falcon.

What are the common falcons Specie use for hunting in UAE?

What are the common diseases that affects falcons in UAE?

What are the common diseases that affect falcon in UAE?

What are the procedures that are taken for the treatment of falcons?
Or way of treatment?

What the are the cost of falcon therapy?

What are the immunizations protocol or schedule for the falcons health?

How is the interaction of tourists and school kids with the falcons?

Are there any hazards of spreading diseases from falcons to human being or vice versa?

What is the value of falcons for the culture of UAE?

The role and efforts of the government for the care of falcons?

if you can send my the research plan first

Research Plan

Role in the proposed study Name Designation AIDress Email Phone
Principal Investigator



Study title
Study Design
Study Participants
Planned Sample Size
Planned Study Period
Aim and Objectives
Outcome Measures

Background (including literature review)


The aim of this study is…..


The objectives of the study are:


This study will allow us to……

Research Question


Sample size

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

Sampling and Enrolment

Operation Period

Data and Data Collection

Independent variables

Variable Method of measurement

Dependent variables

Variable Method of measurement

Statistical Analysis

Expected Results


Patient confidentiality and data security

Project milestones

Expected benefits





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