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Research Based on Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart


Research Based on Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart

Paper details:
Research Based on Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart

The Portfolio Project is designed to require you to expand your understanding of Things Fall Apart by combining knowledge and application of content with your own interpretation and judgment. For the Portfolio Project, you will write a research paper about Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, supplementing your own interpretation with information from three to five other sources. Your interpretation of this novel should reflect an international perspective. Information about planning your research paper and conducting your research can be found in the lecture material for Module 5. The portfolio project is due in Week 8.

Essay Formatting Requirements:
•5-7 pages.
•Minimum of three sources (excluding the novel) – must be credible, authored sources; anonymous websites or sites like Wikipedia are not acceptable as one of your three main sources.
•Double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font.
•Title Page: for an explanation of how to formulate a title page in APA, see The Purdue OWL (scroll down to “Title Page”), or use the APA template provided in the CSU-Global Library. (Titled “Does Your Paper Look Like This?”)
•Insert page numbers in the top right-hand corner.
•Include a Reference Page.
•Use CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements for correct APA formatting in the paper and on the reference page.
•Your final paper will be graded not only based on content but also based upon the quality of your writing, syntax, and grammar. Please be sure to pay special attention to the quality of your written work. It is highly recommended that you closely proofread your assignment prior to submission. In addition, you are again expected to provide support for your arguments based upon both the required and recommended readings for the course and your research, as well as to incorporate any relevant points culled from the discussion boards. Review the Portfolio Rubric, located in Course Information.
•Finally, you will take the particular research question that you are developing as the thesis of your Portfolio Project and contextualize it in such a way as to convey an international or multicultural understanding of the novel. For example, if you are developing a cultural analysis of the novel, you would need to answer, as a part of your research thesis, how one culture develops in direct competition against the emergence of another foreign culture. Or, if you are developing a feminist analysis, you would need to answer, as a part of your research question, how one culture’s treatment of women changes when confronted by another culture’s differing attitude toward women. Or, if you were doing a direct compare/contrast analysis, you would need to directly compare specific aspects of one culture against another culture.
•In other words, any critical perspective from which you frame your thesis and overall paper needs to convey a sharper international or multicultural understanding of the novel and should be reflected in your outline and reference list.

Portfolio Milestone 2
Compare and Contrast Outline
Things Fall Apart vs Western Culture
Jeremy Duran
ENG130-1 Introduction to Literature
Colorado State University – Global Campus
Dr. Olivia Burgess
January 11, 2015

Portfolio Milestone 2
Compare and Contrast Outline
Things Fall Apart vs Western Culture
A.    Attention Getter/Opening sentence (Quote and or Scenario)
B.    Thesis statement:  The main character Okonkwo is at odds with himself, the world, and his future throughout the story.  Over the course of the book, Okonkwo overcomes obstacles arising from the conflicts of culture, religion, and his tribe.
I.    Ibo Culture
A.    What is the Ibo Culture
1.    How is established
2.    Similarities and differences of western culture
3.    Who is part of the Ibo Culture
B.    Beliefs of Ibo Culture
1.    Custom 1
2.    Custom 2
C.    Beliefs
1.    Polygamy
2.    Polytheism
II.    Religion
A.    Sacrifice
1.    Christianity
2.    Western Religion
B.    Rituals
1.    Communal Ceremonies
2.    Men’s Ceremonies
3.    Women’s Ceremonies
III.    Position in the Tribe
A.    Men’s Position
1.    In-Tribe
2.    In-Marriage
B.    Women’s Position
3.    In-Tribe
1.    In-Marriage
IV.    Conclusion
A.    Restate Topic
B.    Summarize three main points
C.    Revisit introduction and tie all ideas of Things fall apart and Western Culture together


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