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In this assignment you find evidence from literature and journals that supports the need for your proposed change to your problem: In patients who goes to the ED for medical care, does the impact of medical waste affect them more, as opposed to not going to ED, and going to their primary care physician?

PROPOSAL: To identify ways how to eliminate healthcare waste in Emergency Department to improve patient care.


Find a minimum of Two original research articles to support your project and summarize EACH article in no less than 350 words.

The articles must be:

  • Peer reviewed
  • Recent (published within 5 years)
  • Statistically significant

1. When completing your summaries of the articles, DO NOT USE ANY EXACT WORDS. The summaries of the articles must be 100% IN YOUR OWN WORDS and submitted as a WORD document. Don’t forget to cite the intellectual property of the author per APA format.

2. All references must be listed on a reference page in correct APA format.

Format assignment in the following:

  • A word paper of article summaries formatted in APA format ( to include title page and reference page). **You can summarize all articles in one word document with reference page included.


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  • Sitejabber

  • Trustpilot


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