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Research Analysis US Veterans with PTSD and the journey to trauma healing


Research Analysis: US Veterans with PTSD and the journey to trauma healing

Course: CONF695 Psychosocial Trauma and Healing

Course Description
This course is designed to provide participants with a thorough overview of the complex issues of trauma and healing within socio-historical and cultural contexts.  Participants will explore the social-psychological-neurobiological-physical-spiritual processes of responding to deep personal loss, pain and suffering in settings of protracted, violent conflict, as well as examine recently developed approaches to the healing of individuals and communities as they move from violence or war to just peace. Participants will explore the theoretical bases through narratives and case examples from a variety of international settings and engage in practical exercises to demonstrate approaches to trauma recovery. This course specifically aims to integrate trauma healing into the larger conflict resolution/transformation field, since unhealed trauma often continues the cycle of violence.  It is expected that participants will bring a general understanding of these issues and be prepared to address them theoretically and practically.  Learning process for this course involves a collaborative, interactive effort by the professor and participants through a format which includes lectures, hands-on activities, role-plays, dialogue, and circle processes.

Course Objectives

1.    To develop a critical awareness of the theory and practice of trauma, trauma recovery, identity issues and the process of transformation.
2.    To introduce and examine frameworks of trauma recovery for individuals, families and communities who have been traumatized in various settings, with a particular emphasis of protracted, violent conflict.
3.    To explore and enhance the self-awareness of a trauma healer practitioner as well as provide tools and options for intervention.
4.    To provide an opportunity for participants to pursue issues in the broad arena of the trauma field of interest to them.
5.    To survey the basic literature available in the field of trauma, trauma recovery, posttraumatic growth and transformation.

Class Topics:

(See attached doc. class topics)


Write a Research paper on a topic in the field of trauma awareness and transformation or healing that interests you which you have not researched before.

Please take into consideration the following components in your actual research paper:
A. Introduction that includes a discussion of why you chose this particular topic , your thesis statement, and the research question that motivated your study.   (This section should not be longer than 1-1.5pgs. in length)
B. Literature Review that summarizes the more significant writing about your topic, including at least five citations that are paramount to your research paper.
C. Brief discussion of the Method used to research your topic. Options would include surveying the literature, interviewing practitioners, and  documenting your own experience. In other words,

-How did you go about your research study?
– Interviews? If so, who did you interview, what are some samples of your interview
– Survey? Who were be the participants? Sample of your survey questionnaire.
– Archival research? (library research)
– Community integration/immersion? (where? What kind of community?)
Note: This sections must be explained in detail. Especially if you did interviews or
surveys. The context and other details must be elaborated in your essay. (Sections C&D should be the bulk of your paper)

D. Discussion of the Results of your research.  Identify the most significant findings about the topic.  Sections C&D should be the bulk of your paper
E. Conclusion or summary of the previous points, but also indicates where more research or alterations to practice might be needed.  (This section should not be longer than a 1pg. On the other hand, this section MUST also bring everything together in your research paper)
F. Bibliography/References/Works Cited section

Note: Sections C&D should be the bulk of your paper. You must also incorporate course concepts and course readings in your paper

Instructions for this order:

– As described in the assignment above, For this order, write a 15 page research on a topic in the field of trauma awareness and transformation or healing that interests you which you have not researched before. In this case, the Topic of your research paper is about U.S. Veterans from recent wars, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTS).

-These U.S. veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are normally treated by the government’s Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). However, the problem is that the treatment these veterans receive is from the Psychology medical perspective, which incorporates the use of prescription drugs only. This doesn’t help a victim heal from a traumatic experience. It only suppresses it

-In this case of veterans with PTSD, PTSD victims have no other alternative means to address their traumas other than using the prescribed medication they receive from the government, which doesn’t really help veterans heal from their traumas at all. Therefore your research paper should be based within this specific issue specifically. Moreover, you must provide alternative methods  of  healing from traumas (not using medication/drugs), which can be used in the process of  trauma healing and/or transformation. In other words, what are some alternative ways that  you could heal a veteran from their trauma (without re-victimizing them) ?

-Make sure that in your research paper, you clearly indicate each section i.e. Introduction, Thesis, Literature review, Methodology, Results, etc.,  You must also address/explain/elaborate on all of the points indicated in the assignment above. The more examples you provide when you elaborate, the better. You must answer all of the questions related to the topic.

-It is also very important that you incorporate course concepts and course readings  from the course in your paper (See attached Course reading materials)

Note: view attached doc. proposal to get an idea. However, keep in mind that this proposal is not of high quality and it is poorly written and researched. I am attaching it  just to give you an idea about what your topic is about.

***No Grammatical errors***


11pt Times new roman, 1.5 spaced.

– It is important that the entire paper is well organized, coherent, concise and to the point.
– The structure of your paper should move smoothly from one point to the next, the same way you want your audience’s thought to go. Therefore, Transitions between paragraphs, recommendations or stating an issue, needs to be well elaborated and explained clearly.
– Do not use filler words within your sentences. e.g. “in order to”, or “the parties”. If you have labeled/header as the parties section within your paper, do not write “the parties again” within that section- these are filler words and they should not be used repetitively. Also, make sure you don’t over use the word “and” repetitively within the same sentence twice. This becomes confusing and redundant.
– Your paper should be written in a way that someone who doesn’t know anything about your topic should be able to understand what your paper and arguments are going to be about.

1) Must have at least 28-30 different sources. There must be a good balance between web sources and scholarly sources. You must also provide me with direct links to the sources you are using so that i may have access to them.

2.) For this order, you are NOT allowed to use any encyclopedias, Wikipedia, CIA references, travel guides, etc… You MUST use primary sources (scholarly journals, journal articles, books, etc.,) ***This is very important***. Pay close attention to page numbers and paragraph numbers as these will be very important when you are citing throughout your paper. Make sure your parenthetical citations in your paper directly match with the source you are using. For example, if you write in your paper

“Often the soldiers encounter horrific scenarios that later stick in their minds even after the war ends. For instance, the frequent explosions as well as watching their fellow soldiers succumb to severe bullet injuries keep haunting them even after the war ends. (Miller 2012, 37).”
I expect to go to the source of the article by the author Miller and read about the sentence you have cited within pg 37. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT****


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