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reproduction availability of contraception – Professional Essay Writing Service


1. Answer question (250-400 words)

2. Reply the 2 Topics (1 & 2) below

A. Answer the question:

Should pharmacists have the right to refuse contraceptive prescriptions? How should laws be written to protect the customer and the worker?


  • Reading: Kelly, E.P. (2007). Morally Objectionable Work Assignments: Catholic Social Teaching and Policy Perspectives. The Catholic Social Science Review, 12. 425-430. (PDF)
  • Reading: National Women’s Law Center. (2012, April). Pharmacy Refusals 101. Retrieved from (PDF)
  • B. Reply these answers:

    1. This topic is so interesting to begin I do not think a pharmacist should have the right to refuse contraceptive prescriptions. It is a women’s body and if she wants to take contraceptives she should be able to. Not all women take contraceptives to protect against unwanted pregnancies. There are many other reasons a woman may take them such as heavy bleeding during her period, not bleeding at all when she should be or even hormonal imbalance. If a woman wants to take birth control to protect against pregnancy she should be able to easily go pick up a prescription. Sex is a normal part of a majority of peoples lives it natural, and human so if a woman is denied birth control to prevent pregnancy is a man denied a condom? She should be able to fulfill her desires all while being able to prevent pregnancy she may not want, or not be able to afford. I am shocked to read that more and more pharmacist are limiting the dispersion of birth control and refusing the right to prescriptions they are not the doctor so I feel if a doctor puts it in the pharmacist should fill it. I also find it even more shocking that the main driving factor for refusal is personal belief. If a pharmacist randomly decides not to give a woman her contraceptive that could have negative effects on her body by randomly stopping her prescribed medication. The laws should be written in a way that the consumer is free to whatever needs, and health-related products they may need. As for the worker, laws should be implemented that they cannot discriminate, nor personalize opinions everyone has rights and it isn’t fair when someone tells a woman what she can or cannot do with their bodies.

    2. A pharmacist is a type of doctor that dispenses medications to a patient based on the diagnosis of a physician or other practicing doctor. A pharmacist receives a prescription from a doctor, which is traditionally a paper with the patient’s name, birthday, and medicine dosage information, and the prescriber’s DEA number and signature. The job of a pharmacist is to receive this prescription from a doctor in his or her network, fill the prescription, and counsel the patient on what the prescription is, how it will affect the body, and what to avoid during the duration of the medication to stay safe. One such prescription that physicians may prescribe is contraception. Hormonal contraception is not only to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but to regulate menstrual cycles, work hand in had with accutane, and many other beneficial procedures. A pharmacist should not be held back due to personal reasons or religious reasons to treat a patient. This shows a form of bias and partiality to people who need this contraception, and a pharmacist is in no place to judge a patient’s needs and priorities.

    To protect customers and workers, laws should not allow the pharmacist to use external influences in determining whether a medication will be dispensed. One’s personal life should be kept separate from the professional life. Laws should protect the consumer from inequality and should not be denied treatment because someone else was not comfortable administering medications. The only circumstance that a prescription can be rejected or denied is if the patient is looking for a medication the pharmacy does not hold in stock, they are wanting a refill earlier than their designated time, or if the prescription looks suspicious. If none of these qualifications are met, the pharmacist should not be able to deny service, and laws should be written in accordance to protect the consumer.


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