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report on recent cyber attacks happened in 2018 20 eg ransomeware analysis of wannacry insertion into england national health services and countermeasures 1


Note: please don’t choose wanna-cry , go with different topic 🙂

You are required to write a short position paper to critically analyse and reflect on recent state-of-the-art attacks and hacking techniques,

followed by a discussion on possible countermeasures.

MY paper should consider the following guidance and contain the following subtitles:

-Title page and Abstract


-The nature of the brief/commission and the topic should be briefly outlined and defined alongside details of how the paper is organised.

-Scope: how did you select the attacks/techniques in this paper? E.g. most recent attacks, wireless attacks, VoIP attacks, DNS attacks etc

-Main body

-Critical discussion, reflection and analysis


-A brief summary of the key findings established from your research.


A full list of references used within the paper should be provided.The Harvard Style of referencing should be applied throughout the assignment.

Please adhere to the following requirements:

-The report should be written in a formal reporting style and without use of personal pronouns (for example, no use of ‘I, me, my, our, we, they, he, she’).

-Word count for Part B is 2000 words (+/- 10%) excluding references

-Only Microsoft Word or PDF file formats will be accepted.

-Layout should make reasonable use of margins, clear headings, single line spacing and font size should be 11pt (i.e. your report should be professionally presented).

-Include page numbers, the module code (Ethical hacking).

-All content including references and appendices (if used) should be contained in a single document.

-Referencing should be in the Harvard style.


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