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Relating course content to the current healthcare environment is an integral part of


Relating course content to the current healthcare environment is an integral part of

your learning; this also helps develop your awareness of the critical importance of

legal and ethical issues. Two (2) application papers are required in this course.

These papers will give you the opportunity to apply course content, should be

3 to 5 typed pages each, and will be due at the end of the designated weeks.

The format for both papers should be in APA.


The topics for these two papers are noted below. Refer to at least one outside

source, in aIDition to your text, as you prepare each of these papers.

Paper 1: Professional Liability—select an allied health (nonphysician) profession;

this can be your own profession or another profession that interests you. Some

examples of allied health professions include physical therapy, respiratory therapy,

pharmacy, nursing, physician assisting, radiography, ultrasonography, nuclear

medicine, medical laboratory, medical assisting, phlebotomy, and many others.

Discuss a situation in which an individual in this profession might be held liable for

negligence. Also discuss ways to proactively avoid or prevent negligence in the

profession that you selected.

Paper 2: Advance Directives—research and discuss the legal and ethical

basis for Advance Directives such as the Living Will and Durable Power of

Attorney for healthcare. Why are these documents so valuable in healthcare situations?

What legal authority do these documents provide for decision making by family and/or

healthcare providers? Briefly discuss a situation in which a Living Will might apply and

would be of benefit to those involved. Once you have researched and discussed

Advance Directives, draft a sample Living Will, indicating the type of content that

should be found in such a document. Some students take this opportunity to prepare

their own actual Living Will, and that certainly is encouraged.


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