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Reflection On Medical Ethics Class


As the term winds down, think about what you’re going to take away from this class. The questions below should guide your thinking, but feel free to volunteer additional information if you feel it is relevant. You are expected to write a minimum of 200 words for this assignment. This is the last assignment, so give it your best effort!

· At the beginning of this term what did you expect to learn from this course?

· Did the course require more of less effort than you thought it would?

· What was your favorite part of this course? (Be specific)

· What was your least favorite part? (Be specific)

· What was something unexpected that you learned?

· What do you feel was the most valuable thing you learned?

· What benefits does this class provide for your career choice at school?

· What would you change about this class?

· What advice would you give an incoming student on how to prepare for this course?


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