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policy law and ethics explain the health care policies that can affect emergency care 1


Explain the health care policies that can affect emergency care.


Overall Comments:


Thank you for submitting this second assessment. I appreciate the effort that you have obviously put into this assignment. Please know this is a policy, law, and ethics course. This means that you need to include actual laws that related to the criteria. Also, please not that when looking for evidence-based systems – we need to include evidence-based triage systems that are used to assist with triage in the ED. . See the comments below and thank you for allowing me to evaluate the assignment.

Faculty Comments:

I did not see where you explained the health care policies that can affect emergency care. What are the actual laws, regulations, and or policies in your facility? Additionally, you could include elaborate on the effects on the patient experience. This is required for a higher performance. Please incorporate the scoring guide criteria in the 2nd attempt revision. In addition, please remember to highlight any added information. Thanks!

Competency 1: Explain the effect of health care policies, legislation, and legal issues on health care delivery and patient outcomes.

  • Explain the health care policies that can affect emergency care.
  • Recommend evidence-based decision-making strategies nurses can use during triage.


Internet Resources

Access the following resources by clicking the links provided. Please note that URLs change frequently. Permissions for the following links have been either granted or deemed appropriate for educational use at the time of course publication.

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Assessment Instructions

Your supervisor has asked you to do a 15-minute oral presentation at a staff meeting about a recent issue that occurred at another hospital in town. Following an industrial accident, two patients arrived at the emergency room of that hospital at the same time, presenting with very similar inhalation injuries. The hospital received a great deal of negative press due to how the patients were triaged in the ER. Your supervisor would like you to use the specifics of this case to review triage procedures and best practices at your facility. Here are the details:

  • One is a 32-year-old firefighter, Frank Jeffers, who is presenting with respiratory difficulties that he obtained while evacuating victims of an industrial accident. He is a married homeowner and father of two young boys. He has lived in the community all his life. He has full and comprehensive health insurance through his employer.
  • The other is Brent Damascus, a 58-year-old man. Brent is presenting with respiratory difficulties with the same intensity as Mr. Jeffers above. He is well known at the hospital emergency room, as he is a frequent visitor with various complaints, including asthma, headaches, and tremors. He is homeless, unemployed, and uninsured. He stays many nights at the YMCA and eats lunch at the soup kitchen. He has lived in the community for over 10 years and has been arrested several times for petty theft.


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