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  1. Write a 1-2 page essay describing how external standards, regulations, and initiatives like those explored this week impact the health information profession and HIM staff. You may want to consider the following questions as you are writing:
  • How do regulations and initiatives help the profession?
  • How might they give us new challenges?
  • How do we learn about them and understand what we need to do to respond?
  • Do they help to create new jobs? Do they eliminate jobs? Do they change jobs?
  • How does an HIM manager go about applying these to processes within the HIM department?
  • Cite supporting materials for your decision from scholarly materials such as journals.
  • Your paper should:

    • be 1-2 pages in length.
    • properly cite research sources.
    • be free of spelling and grammar errors.

    Be sure to write a formal paper with an introduction, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. Format your essay in Arial 10 or 12 font and double space.


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