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Philosophy for Health care of Women


Philosophy for Health care of Women
must include Clear philosophy that clearly describes and aIDresses 3 specific concepts and philosophy. See grading rubric for complete instructions. This is a Masters level paper with APA references of at least 3.

My own personal philosophy regarding the healthcare of women is one that encompasses providing quality evidence-based care through education, women-focused health promotion, disease prevention and counseling in regard to the unique needs of all women across their life span with the incorporation of the women-centered viewpoint and involvement in regard to the patient’s own health care needs and plan of care. My philosophy is one that also includes recognizing the patient as a “whole” from not only a physical form but the emotional, social, and spiritual aspects with the utmost respect for human dignity, diversity and individuality. I believe that the adoption of this philosophy will allow me to not only provide quality care to my patients but to also have a positive influence in all women’s lives across their lifespan.


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