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PGCC Radiography Program

Research Paper Instructions
You will write a research paper in full APA formatting on a pathology, disease process, or condition of your choosing following the instructions below.
1.    Choose a pathology, disease process, or condition for the topic of your research paper.

2.    Once your topic has been approved:
a.    You will write a minimum of a three (3) page research paper, not including title and reference pages.
b.    Your paper must be written in full APA formatting including running head, title page, abstract, appropriate headings and sub-headings, in-text citations, and reference page.
i.    You do not need an Author Note.
ii.    A minimum of six sources are required.  Only two may be from your textbooks.  The remaining sources should come from the PGCC Library research data bases which include peer reviewed journal articles, articles from authoritative newspapers, and magazines.  Reliable websites, such as .org or .gov websites) may also be used.  Wiki’s are not acceptable sources.
iii.    A number of APA references and grading rubric have been provided in this unit to assist you.

3.    Your paper should at a minimum include:
a.    A complete discussion of your chosen topic.
i.    Investigate the cause(s), transmission, and effect of your topic on the patient.
b.    Compare & contrast the imaging modalities required in the diagnoses or treatment of your topic if applicable.
c.    Present an actual case study or create a scenario for a patient with your chosen pathology, condition, or disease process.
i.    Decide what might be the clinical indication for the imaging study and patient complaint(s).
d.    Decide the type of questions necessary for providing the radiologist with a thorough patient history.
e.    Discuss the implications of your topic for the Radiographer in producing quality diagnostic images.
i.    Select the best alternatives for technique selection, routine and/or special projections, etc.
ii.    Based on your topic, determine what unique patient care skills may be required for a patient in this condition or with this disease process while in your care.
f.    Distinguish the radiographic appearance for your topic.
g.    Investigate treatment options for your topic and patient prognosis.
h.    Analyze future imaging needs for a patient with your chosen pathology, condition, or disease process.
i.    Find out the importance of previous imaging studies for the radiologist.

4.    Extra Credit
a.    If you have elected to present an actual case study from your clinical experience, you can earn ten (10) extra credit points by including the following with your paper.
i.    Copy of the original physician’s order.
ii.    Copy of the requisition(s).
iii.    Copies of images for all applicable studies in either digital or hard copy format.
iv.    Copies of the Final Radiologist’s report for all applicable studies.
***Make sure to remove all unique patient identifiers from your films and written documents***
5.    Research papers are due by midnight, Monday, March 30th, 2015.
a.    You may submit your paper in hardcopy form or via email to Cathy McGee.
b.    Late submissions will not be accepted!
All research papers will be screened for plagiarism.  Plagiarism will result in a grade of zero for the assignment.


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