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Research Paper: The major writing assignment, however, will be the research paper, a conventional 12-15 

page research essay (3000-3750 words). Students will create a research paper/project appropriate to their 

discipline, using a scholarly MLA format. Students must use academically valid sources. Students should use 

an original viewpoint or idea, and present a persuasive, well-reasoned argument. Students must submit a formal 

outline with their bibliography for review prior to the due date of the paper. At the 400 level, this paper must 

present an “original perspective” on the topic at hand. See “research project” parameters below. The research 

essay is an original essay where the student poses a research question, gathers materials, focuses the research, 

shapes the argument, and frames the material in relation to their chosen case scenario that is representative of 

their major. For this 12-15 page essay, students will explain the code of ethics of their major or prospective 

profession and use the code of ethics to guide their decision making process toward the best resolution of an 

ethical dilemma. The final version of the essay will take the form of a proposal to resolve the issue addressed to 

the appropriate party. Students will explore and build on this issue through independent research and through 

informal dialogue with faculty members in their major. Students should choose a topic that is relevant to their 

major or prospective profession, perform first-hand research, frame the topic with readings and present a 

comprehensive paper. In other words, a psychology major would choose one case scenario, and then, using the 

APA or ACA code of ethics along with other research, describe the ethical conflict, apply the decision making 

process, and develop and justify a proposed ethical solution (or several alternative solutions, if applicable). 

Sources should be cited from a variety of types of texts (books, journals, websites, etc.) with a full works cited 

page. The essay should have a clear thesis statement in the introduction, and a clearly flowing argument with 

sufficient supporting examples, quotes, discussion and analysis. 


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