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Nursing Acute 

NUR2203 Nursing Acute
Assignment Objectives
1.Demonstrate the use of research evidence for nursing practice applied to the care of a surgical patient

2.Augment skills in clinical decision making and reasoning through synthesising and analysing information required to care for a surgical patient

3.Apply appropriate assessment, problem solving, planning, prioritising of interventions to care for the selected client scenario chosen

4.Demonstrate the nurse’s role in monitoring and implementing prioritised nursing interventions in response identified patient needs

5.Demonstrate the ability to communicate specific patient care issues succinctly according to scholarly writing and referencing conventions

Analysing and discussing the case to identify potential clinical issues

1.Discuss Sarah’s co-morbidities including smoking, cardiac heart disease, obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) (previous MI, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia) in the context of having a general anaesthetic (GA) and specific to the 24 hour postoperative period.

2.ChooseTWO (2)potential clinical complications related to the co-morbidities that could arise in the 24 hour period.

3.Discuss the relevant assessment/s and interventions the nurse would initiate to identify and prevent clinical deterioration. Provide rationales for your actions/ interventions and support with academic literature


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