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Major Project Integrated Case Study

MOD003463 Major Project Integrated Case Study



Identify and discuss 3 strategic issues facing the overall healthcare sector in the UK (Internal, External & Competitive) using  PESTEL & PORTER’S 5 FORCES.

Describe the issue identified in terms of its background and current state; discuss how the issue will affect or is affecting the sector e.g. in terms of operations, production, profitability, employment, etc.

Give examples of facts, figures, percentages to back your discussion.


Identify and analyse 3 challenges that are being faced by the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust (Internal, External & Competitive)

Refer briefly to the issues mentioned in TASK 1 as a way of kick-starting your discussion in Task 2 (e.g. “as a result of the increase in population as discussed in Task 1…..”).

Use SWOT, MCKINSEY 7 Ss, etc, to identify specific effect of each strategic issue on your ORGANISATION. • Find and present some examples of such effects in your organisation or others in the same sector (this may be in the form of news reports, annual reports, industry gazettes, articles, etc).

Discuss each effect from a LOGICAL AND CHAIN EFFECT point of view as discussed in class.


Identify and analyse the 3 solutions to address the challenges that are being faced by the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust (Internal, External & Competitive)

Refer to each effect from Task 2 to kick-start your discussion here. Present and discuss in detail your proposed solution to each problem in Task 2.

Find and present examples of how and where these propositions may have worked in other places (e.g. if your solution is to train staff to improve customer service quality, then find and present cases in other orgs where training of staff has resulted in improved customer service, etc).

You may also look for academic journals that support the use of such method as a problem-solving technique.

Use the likes of Porter’s Generic Strategies, Ansoff, etc, to discuss which pathway your proposed solution is following – is it product development, market penetration, diversification, cost leadership, differentiations, etc? • Then use SAFe to analyse which of the propositions should make it to Task 4.


Use the 4-STAGE STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION PLAN to implement your proposed solution by London Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Ensure that you present your Strategic Objective in a ‘SMART’ format; • Ensure that you list out and flesh up all the resources required;

Ensure that you discuss every single action AND ITS CORRESPONDING TIMEFRAME as a process of implementing the objective;

Ensure that you describe how you will measure the success of the strategy (this may be in the form of using feedback forms, survey, observation, Balance Score Card concept, etc. Be as detailed as possible. Your note contents are to now be embedded in your assignment, showing analysis and evidence/source

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