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 Do not choose three of the same type of items (e.g., weapons, pots, garments, etc.); pick different kinds of things. These must be old/ancient items, recovered by archaeologists. This excludes art works painted by European or non-European artists, as well as sculptures produced by these or other “modern” artists. The products of these artists are relatively old, BUT are not considered ARTIFACTS, and none where recovered by archaeologists. In other words, do not select a Rembrandt, Diego Rivera, Monet, or other international painting or art work (e.g., Japanese tea cup) simply because it is being displayed at the museum you selected. These artists produced beautiful and impressive works of art, BUT they are not archaeological artifacts

Choose and visit the website for one of the following museum exhibitions/collections:**

• Arts of the Americas (not “American Art”) (permanent) – Dallas Museum of Art

• Classical (“ancient Mediterranean”) art collection (permanent) – Dallas Museum of Art

•Art of the Ancient Americas (permanent) – Kimbell Museum (Fort Worth)

• Antiquities (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, etc.) collection (permanent) – Kimbell Museum

It must be one of these two museums, and must be one of the collections referenced above.

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