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Climate Change – Nursing Specialists Help


While not a scientifically controversial issue, climate change, caused primarily by human activities, is a politically controversial issue. In this course, you are learning the science behind climate change. With this knowledge, you can help others understand its causes, symptoms, and impacts. With this knowledge, current and future generations can come up with solutions to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate.

Please discuss the following questions.  Discuss fully with examples and detail – a one or two sentence response does not meet the expectations of the assignment (or any assignment). Remember to use good grammar and spelling and that plagiarism will get you a zero. Show the links to all your  sources and they must be reputable sources (e.g., .edu or .gov or similar).

(1) Fully define the greenhouse effect. How/why does it determine Earth’s climate?

(2) Do you agree that human activities are impacting the carbon cycle? What are they? Give examples or evidence to agree with or refute this idea.

(3) Before taking this class, did you understand or “believe” that human-induced climate change is occurring? Explain why or why not.

(4) How would you engage in a discussion with a climate change skeptic? If you remain one, explain your position to the class. What specific evidence would you present?

(5) Explain at least three impacts of climate change and why each should be a concern for any individual and for future generations.

(6) Discuss at least two things that humans can do to mitigate or adapt to a changing climate.

(7) Do businesses, politicians, or government officials have a vested interest in working to lower carbon emissions to lessen the severity of the impacts of a changing climate? Explain your answer

Reminder: a thoughtful reply to another student is required for all discussions. Three points are allotted to this!


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